Available Services

Recruiting Services

Who has time to recruit staff? Though you want to find the perfect candidate, it’s hard when the day-to-day operations get in the way. AgencyShield’s recruiting team screens candidates, schedules interviews, and provides follow-up to help you go from “hope” to hired!

Insurance Leads

Whether you’re looking to self-generate leads or you prefer the tried and true pre-scrubbed method, AgencyShield offers several options to help you boost your online inquiries. Not sure which option is best for you? Our team is happy to provide more information to help.

Lead Management System (LMS)

So you’ve got leads…but what do you do with them once you’ve got them? Plugging them into the best LMS on the market is a start! Our LMS software template is an affordable way to automate your system, making it easier to contact your leads at a lightening quick pace.

LinkedIn Lead Generation

Whether you’re looking to expand your professional network or connect with potential clients, AgencyShield helps you to connect with qualified leads. Instead of manually doing all of the work, our team helps connect you with the right people to help build your business.

Advertising Services

Boost your business with online advertising! AgencyShield has several options available, including LinkedIn, Facebook/Instagram, and Google Click-to-Call. Our packages are tailored to match your budget and all ads are customized to your specifications.

Whether you’re an established business or you’re new on the scene, AgencyShield has an available solution for your team. We thrive on customizing solutions based on your needs!

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