Finding a Lead Management System

There is no reason why your sales team has to be plagued with dead, incorrectly formatted, invalid or even duplicate leads. You shouldn’t be spending so much time and money trying to devising creative ways to stay in contact with your leads.

Our Lead Management Software (LMS) can help you reduce the amount of time typically spent on sale, email and call prep. It automatically assigns tasks such as follow up phone calls, emails and texts; plus it conveniently displays sales notes, recorded calls, and emails throughout the lead life cycle. So you’re no longer scrambling to find important information or to personalize your conversation!

Why does your business need a Lead Management System?
When you have essential information such as past communication logs, company information, contact and social media details at the ready, it can be much easier to resurrect a seemingly cold lead. Our software makes it easier for you to launch a unique experience to potential clients without having to spend time searching for a new approach.

Leads are an extremely important part of any business, and the way their information is handled, can make the difference between a new customer or a lost opportunity. With our lead management software, you can purge all of the other redundant revenue-sucking tools that cannot match our capabilities.

What makes AgencyShield’s Lead Management Software Different?
Your lead conversion rates benefit from the ease of use of our system by saving time and focusing your sales team on lead connections. It auto-assign leads to your efficient sales representatives by availability, auto-directs follow up and marketing and it is customizable, adding any supplementary tasks to your lead generation and management pipeline or individual prospects.

AgencyShield is always available to provide you with insightful instantaneous reports helping you identify where your most profitable leads are coming from and who on your team is closing them. You will be able to access the performance of every vendor source, monitoring them and the efficiency of your conversion tactics. Along with the efficiency of your team and where the majority of their activity is throughout the day, week or month.

Let us do more for you with a management software that is uniquely adapted to help you grow.