Lead Generation with LinkedIn

Despite the abundance of social media platforms out there, the ins and outs of finding the right space to broadcast on can be like a confusing scramble never resulting in what you need – in this case, the attention of prospects. LinkedIn is among those platforms that you could be missing out on.
As social media networks go, it may not as popular as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; but as a business tool, it is invaluable! You may have a LinkedIn page but are unaware of how to utilize it to generate quality leads.
If you just think of LinkedIn as an employment and networking space, you are missing out on a fantastic straight forward tools to boost revenue for your business!

Why Should You Use LinkedIn Leads?
LinkedIn is the clear winner for generating the highest-quality leads over other social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook. This network which is a favorite among business professionals, produces more than 80% of B2B leads sourced from social media today. LinkedIn is actively used by over half a billion people, and as much as nine million businesses have a profile on this platform.

Why is AgencyShied Your Best Resource?
AgencyShield is your best bet for getting access to best quality LinkedIn leads that you can rely on. We take the stress off you by handling your LinkedIn Leads generation campaigns, using a well-designed and updated strategy completely customized for your business. AgencyShield will design a LinkedIn profile page that will get you quality leads that can easily be converted to loyal customers.

Did you know that LinkedIn also has the highest customer conversion rate when compared to other popular social media sites? With a LinkedIn page developed by us, you have a highest chance of generating quality leads that are specific to your product. With us, you maximize your profit by getting better connected to your target audience.

We make use of web optimization strategies such as Vanity URLs, Character count allotments, and Project Creation to guarantee high-quality leads with enormous potential. We also keep your page up to date and populated with quality content, updating you along the way!

Want to generate leads through LinkedIn? AgencyShield is the perfect choice!