Software Designed for Insurance Agents

With running an insurance office, agents are constantly tasked with all the pressures of a growing company in addition to morphing into many different roles and responsibilities, including but not limited to:

  • selling various types of policies
  • consulting customers and addressing complaints
  • explaining policies to employees and clients in an easy comprehensive manner
  • helping customers select the best policies for their needs
  • assessing different customer risk factors
  • creating special packages to fit customer needs
  • managing claims
  • performing administrative tasks

That is quite a lot for any one person to handle and the list goes on! When too much focus is placed on backend duties, it can be easy for your insurance agents to become overwhelmed. To help combat this and the potential for reduced productivity, AgencyShield has software to make life easier and your business better!


Right Software for Your Insurance Agency

When you purchase software for insurance agents from AgencyShield you can be sure you are getting up-to-date software that is easy to manage. Our platform has been developed to help you to effectively control your products and services. Oftentimes, software from other providers would require you to have deep knowledge of information technology. But this is not the case here, as you can use our software to define business procedures and processes instantaneously without having to worry about losing time or information.


What Makes AgencyShield’s Insurance Solutions Stand Out?

We offer fully integrated insurance tools and solutions to ensure that your insurance agents can make use of a highly adaptive interface with bespoke CRM (Client Relations Manager) functionality that boosts productivity. At AgencyShield, we believe that it is important that your insurance software helps you to be productive when achieving your goals. With our software, you will be better able to concentrate on converting your leads to clients.

Do more work and close deals with the confidence that you are using a well-designed tool that makes it easy to maintain clear records of every sale and individual client. With our customized system, your insurance agents will be able to maintain important
policy information such as renewal rate, effective date, premiums and other metrics that can be used to measure your agency’s productivity.


Be More Productive Today with AgencyShield’s Insurance Software NOW!